Saturday, November 8, 2008 - Google says Site Not Available

This just struck me as funny. Every now and then Prosper takes their web site down to update software. During this time, they put up a "site not available" page.

For several weeks now I have noticed that google has been indexing this "site not available" page. If you did a google search for prosper, "site not available" would be one of the pages listed. That was funny. The google robot must have wandered thru a few times while the site not available page was up.

Yesterday Google decided that "Site Not Available" is the name of Prosper's main page! Oops.

I decided to capture this for posterity.

I checked again today and note that it is already back to normal. Google is quick. Could happen again any day tho.

Note to Prosper webmasters: Consider adding a META command with NAME="robots", CONTENT="noindex", to the site-not-available version of the main page.

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  1. Speaking of not available, do we have any clue how long this "quiet period" will last?