Friday, August 22, 2008 - lender statements now 7 months late

In early 2008, $735,000 of late prosper loans disappeared from lender's statements. On 01/15/08, prosper promised monthly "supplementary statements" to lenders covering these loans. Hasn't happened. No statements have been produced. By my count, is now 7 months late on delivery of these statements to lenders, on the status of OUR loans.

This is simply one example of a much larger problem. Prosper management refuses to accept their responsibility to lenders. Once loans go late, they don't lift a finger. In this case, that includes not even telling lenders the status of collection efforts on these loans.

Shame. Over and over again. Shame.

For a more detailed explanation, see

Prosper told us they would take legal action against the 68 late borrowers in this "legal test" group of loans. Today, eight months after they started the "legal test", many of the defendants have not even been served (with legal papers initiating a suit). We can tell that by observing the county court web sites, some of which display this information. Judging from the filings we can observe, it looks like about half of the suits haven't been served yet, eight months after the program began. You could never tell this by looking at statements provided by prosper, of course, because there are no statements, even tho they promised them! There aren't even excuses!

Shame. What a way to run a company.

Where do they get the chutzpah to act this way?

PS: The best discussion among lenders can be found at

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