Sunday, August 3, 2008 - lender statements 6 months late

Supplemental statements tracking $735,000 of loans were promised monthly, and are now 6 months overdue.

On 01/15/2008, sent an email message to many lenders, explaining that 68 very late loans were being moved to a new category, a "legal test". In this test, Prosper would try taking legal action against very late borrowers, instead of just doing nothing. I thought at the time that it was a good move.

Prosper's 01/15/2008 email promised ...

Since this is a test, we have not yet designed the system to track these revenues within the normal statement process. As such, the loans will be defaulted at zero value and the accounting provided on a monthly basis in a supplementary statement.

However, Prosper has never bothered to send lenders any of these promised supplemental statements! $735,000 of loans have simply disappeared from lender's view.

That's right. No statements. No reporting. Prosper has kept lenders completely in the dark on the status of these loans. I figure January's promise of monthly statements should have produced one in February, and another in March, April, May, June, and July. That makes them now 6 months late.

Fact is, with great effort lenders can track the status of some of these lawsuits. This happens because many courts make some lawsuit status details public via their web sites. (Not all courts make status available online, so we can't see the status of all of them, without travelling around to the various county courts, and checking the records manually.) The visible status isn't pretty. Most of the suits weren't filed until April. Four months later, many of these suits have not even been served against the borrowers. Among the suits that have been served, it appears that none has yet come to trial.

It looks like the entire legal test has been horribly underfunded by Prosper. Now seems more likely that it will be aborted rather than serve as a symbol of Prosper's strength and a deterrent to deadbeat borrowers.

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