Sunday, January 3, 2010 - 12/2009 late loan stats update

Here's the December 2009 update to to my late loan statistics charts.

These charts show statistics for the performance of all loans. Each curve represents the set of loans that were created in one calendar month. The vertical axis is the fraction of those loans that have "gone bad", in other words are 1 month late or worse (up to and including default or "charge off" as it is now called). The horizontal axis is the observation date. All data comes from's performance web page.

The worst month so far is still October '06. Of the loans originated by in October'06, 44.2% have now gone bad.

Feb '07 is comin' up fast with 43.9% gone bad so far.

More detail can be found in my earlier posts.

Click on the chart to see a larger clearer version.

Here's a chart of the same data in which each curve has been slid to the left to a common origin. The horizontal axis is now days since loan origination month.

Explanation of methodology can be found in my prior postings in this blog, and in forum discussions on the old prosper forum, now archived at

Many of the very early posts in this blog are still on point, and provide background on prosper, from a lender's perspective. If you're new to this, please read old posts before sending questions.

Not much news from this month. Lenders have not yet heard from new Prosper executive Nick Talwar.

Prosper needs a cash infusion from venture capital source within the next few months. Difficult to predict with precision, but the deadline must be coming up pretty soon now. Maybe end of January? If they become frugal, perhaps the cash could last a little longer. They must be desperately be searching for funds.

PS: Best discussion among P2P and lenders is always found on See you there


  1. "Lenders have not yet heard from new Prosper executive Nick Talwar."

    New general counsel Sachin Adarkar hasn't said boo either.

    It's disappointing to see that Prosper's efforts toward instilling a sense of community is virtually non-existant as compared to 3 years ago.

    On a related note, it seems that the "Prosper Days" event is again not planned for this year. Probably has to do with the frugality thing you mentioned.

  2. Thank you Fred93 from I8WELL. I was the #3 lender in Prosper. Now I am the number 3 Sucker.

  3. Prosper's going down for the count. Likely will not be a going concern a year from now.

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