Friday, December 28, 2007

Lendingclub - Reconsiders the Bad Math

A message from Patrick Gannon of Lendingclub ...

Date: 12/24/2007
From: Patrick Gannon ...
Subj: Re: Lendingclub - bad math
Thank you for your analysis of our ROI calculations. We are taking down the ROI section of the statistics page for now while we review your comments, track down potential errors in the calculation and improve the help page. We will blog a response in the next few days after we relaunch that page.

I tried to open an account on your blog to post a public comment but couldn’t sign up.

We appreciate your interest in Lending Club, and we hope that we can win you over as a lender.

Thanks again for your analysis,

Patrick from Lending Club

Thought I'd post this, both to make their response public, and also to unpuzzle anyone who went looking for the page I was complaing about and did not find it.

I do hope they succeed. Prosper needs a competitor .

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